Our Ethics

Tree of Life has always appreciated the use of traditional textile methods and handicrafts, such as block printing, indigo dye, knitting, and handcarved soapstone.

We hope that people will always appreciate the beauty of handmade things. When mass produced products are made to simulate something handmade it automatically cheapens it. At the same time when handcrafts which are culturally specific are produced for global markets it changes the meaning for the people who make them. While it’s unclear where all of this will end up, we believe that supporting handcrafts and giving value to things that are handmade is really important. We always hope that people understand the value of these things and continue to support them.


Our Ethics


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Environmental Impact

Meet the Auroville Knitters

Journey with us to south india where a progressive project to improve local women’s lives has been ongoing for almost forty years...

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Our Craftspeople

Let's talk ethics & fashion

Billie Edwards sits down for a chat with Meherose Borthwick to talk ethics, fashion and their recent trip to Nepal and India...

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Social Impact


Brightly coloured and ornate tie dye designs made in India have been a hallmark of hippie style since the 1960s and continue... 

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Clothing Care

Kathmandu Handsewers

Decorative crafts are a speciality of the talented women of Kathmandu who are experts at creating multi-layered textiles...

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